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by Julia Lazare

Primary Source : FBI Oct 2001

Antonio Montoya[1] .................Carlos Montoya[2]

Age 46 ........................................Age 36 or 41

Variations include:

Antonio Montoya

Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes

Carlos Alberto Montoya

Questions to ponder: Nine years after 9-11

  1. How can a person cancel a reservation and still be listed as dead?
  2. How can there be such confusion of these men’s identities?
  3. Why have the families or friends of either man not made corrections?
  4. How can their local papers of Boston repeat the same “errors”?
  5. Why is the ONLY photo of Carlos Montoya on the Boston University trubute?
  6. Was he a housekeeper for the Boston Harbor Hotel?


On Sept. 10th 2001 at 3:19 PM Antonio MONTOYA AA Passenger Number R [PNR]: DHXKWT CANCELLED his reservation for FL 11.[3]

In the SAME report prepared for the FBI by United Airlines two Montoya’s are listed as ON FLIGHT

Antonio Montoya: PNR:DEWTIG is in seat 26-H.[4]

Carlos Montoya: PNR:JBVSTW is in seat 23-J.[5]



2001, Sept 13 GUARDIAN – UK,

passenger list at includes ANTONIO, omits CARLOS.[6]

2001, Oct. 8 CNN in “September 11th – A Memorial” has Carlos Alberto Montoya, age 36 of Bellmont, MA, no photo. [7]

2002, The Boston Globe, 9-11 Anniversary has Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes age 46 of East Boston, MA, housekeeping worker at Boston Harbor Hotel.[8]

2002 CNN lists ONLY the name Antonio MONTOYA.[9]

2003, Sept. 4 CNN has Antonio Jesus Montoya VALDES, age 46 housekeeping worker at the Boston Harbor Hotel, residing in East Boston, MA. A photo exists but is damaged. [10]

2002, Sept 10 FOX NEWS’ updated list shared on Thursday, September 10, 2009 of 9-11 casualties lists Carlos Alberto Montoya and Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes[11],2933,62151,00.html#11

2006 in their hometown of Boston The Patriot Ledger does NOT included them in their “Honored Dead - Local Victims of the Sept. 11 Attacks”, instead listing Carlos Alberto Montoya, 36, Belmont and Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes, 46, East Boston as Sept. 11 victims “from elsewhere in Massachusetts”. [Note: included in the “Honored Dead – Local Victims” with twenty photos and biographies are names from Newton, Quincy and Plymouth, Scituate, Walpole]. [12]

2009 in Boston’s conservative blog and online community lists Hub Politics” lists Antonio Montoya and Carlos “Beto” Montoya. [13]

2010, Oct 3 US News and World Reports in “A Nation Changed in Memoriam” lists Carlos Alberto Montoya and Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes. [14]

2006, Sept 6 WBZTV-38 in Boston, MA lists in their “Masssachusetts Victims of 9-11” lists names Antonio Montoya and Carlos "Beto" Montoya [15]

Another description of Carlos Montoya is age 41, residing in Washington, DC, a writer for the Washington Post.[16]



Chicago Tribune profile posted on [17]

As the initial shock subsides, Antonio Montoya's East Boston household is thinking of what lies ahead for their tightly knit Colombian family, one that has always been together for its most important holidays.

"There's never been a (Dec.) 31st that we've been separate. He always wanted the family to be together that day and Christmas," said Montoya's son, Jorge. "Wherever he was, he would always come home. It's something we bring from Colombia. All the family should be together to pray to God for the New Year. I know that's going to be hard for my mother and for us."

Montoya, 46, was among the passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 when hijackers slammed the plane into the World Trade Center. He came to the United States with his wife and son 20 years ago, and they had since had two daughters. He was looking forward to visiting his sister in California, his only sibling in the country. It had been years since he last saw her.

"He went by himself. He said next year, all of us will go," his son said.

A reservation mishap had him flying that Tuesday, instead of Monday, his son said.

Since then, family members have struggled to find a sense of closure without a burial. Mass was said for Montoya the Saturday after the Sept. 11 attack, and employees at the Boston Harbor Hotel, where Montoya worked as a houseman, tended for three weeks to hundreds of candles burning in the hotel's pavilion in tribute to Montoya and others killed in the terror attacks.

"He was just a wonderful individual, well liked, very popular. When you work in a place for 12 years, you know everyone," said Paul Jacques, the hotel's general manager. "A lot of people took it hard."

For nine days after he died, family members and friends gathered to pray in the Montoyas' home. His wife has prayed alone since then, their son said.

"My mother says if you have faith in God, God will help you to face these things and give you strength to move on," said Montoya's son. "For me, my father left and he just never came back. We know they won't find him."

Profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.


36, of Bellmont, Massachusetts.

Guest Book by[18] [21 entries]

September 10, 2007

Back in 1985, Carlos, better known at "Beto" (short for Alberto) was a pizza delivery man working for Domino's in Baldwin Park while attending Cal Poly University & renting a room in Covina. He drove around in his little, beat-up, green, VW Bug. I can never forget that car for many reasons but most importantly for me because my first driving lessons were with Beto, who took the time to show me how to drive stick. I can never forget who Beto was for many reasons but most importantly for me because he was my first love, my first everything.
I was in high school working part-time at Domino's & that is where I met Carlos Alberto Montoya, "Beto". It was his green eyes, great smile and personality that stood out and that accent, his accent was a charm. We did a lot of things together during our 2 year relationship: he took me to my first concert; The U2 Joshua Tree Tour in LA. U2 was one of his favorite groups and he loved to listen to Phill Collins. My first time on an air plane was with Beto, he loved to fly & his dream was to become a pilot but do to health issues that later arose, that would. I new Beto, I loved him & back than I never would have realized how very much important that chapter in my life with him would be. Beto was someone that was never far from my mind, I thought about him, how he was doing, where his life had taken him and always hoped the best for him. I often reminisced on those days at Domino’s the people and friends we made, the memories. I spoke of him to my boyfriend, more so because they had so much in common; both born in Bogota & both have the same green eyes.
And up until this Sept. 4th, Beto still crossed my mind and it was just these few days ago that I was informed by another former Domino’s worker and friend to Beto that he had been one of thousands who’s life ended in that tragedy……… hear that devastated me, to say the least. I can not express to you how I am feeling, I am in disbelieve and very much so sadden especially more so that it has been 6 years since that tragedy & this whole time I never new. Even though this comes late, my condolences go to all of his family. Beto will always be much remembered, I can never forget him, Siempre.

Submitted by Adriana Macias, La Verne, California


Carlos Alberto Montoya, 36, of Bellmont, Massachusetts.

Guest Book by[19]

January 24, 2007

Aunque solo hasta ahora me entero de tan triste noticia, solo me quedan los agradable recuerdos de nuestra juventud que pasamos felices en Las Villas Bogotá, con todos nuestros amigos comunes, recuerdo mucho la miniteca que montamos los dos y las noches enteras grabando la música para las fiestas que animábamos, que días aquellos y luego en la Universidad Javeriana cuando estudiábamos juntos, que gratos momentos los que compartimos, las rumbas, las amigas, tu viaje a los Estados Unidos buscando un mejor futuro y estudiar lo que querías, espero que todos estos años que no nos vimos hayan sido muy felices y que tu familia haya soportado con fortaleza tu pronta partida, recuerdos a Margarita tu Mamá gran persona a tus hermanos y tu esposa e hijos que el futuro les depare muchos éxitos. Nunca te olvidaremos, Beto.


Jorge Alberto Hernández C.,

Bogotá D.C., Colombia, British Columbia


36, of Bellmont, Massachusetts.

Guest Book by[20]

September 09, 2006

May God rest your soul Carlos. At this time of the year I always remember the cousin I barely knew who I lost. Last time I saw you we were teenagers (over 20 years ago) and we were playing soccer in our home country (Colombia) with your brother and mine. I was so impressed by you. The way you took care of your father and conducted yourself so maturely. When I found out you were on that plane I couldn't believe it. What a loss. My mother in particular was so devastated to hear the news. I can only take solace in knowing you are in a better place than we are. You are truly missed. ~ Alan Harker, Los Angeles, California

In Memory of Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes

9-11 Heroes [21]

46 years old, Residence: East Boston, Mass

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Voices of September 11th includes

ANTONIO MONTOYA with no tributes.[22] And Carlos Montoya [23]

[3] [pg82FBI]

[4] [pg86FBI]

[5] [pg85FBI]

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